Aviation Security Manager

Job Description

This is a Full-time On-site Aviation Security Manager role located in ASE Egypt HDQ in Cairo, Egypt. The Security Manager will be responsible for managing daily security operations, improving and implementing security policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Job Purpose:

Organize and oversee, the management of all security operations in network-wide. Ensure that all ASE staff fulfills the security procedures to maintain operational security standards in accordance with national, and international security legislation to preserve a safe environment where passengers, crew, staff, and property are well-protected, and not jeopardized by a break down in Security Systems.

Job Requirements

  • - Bachelor Degree from an accredited institution/Faculty
  • - English language knowledge at least at level B1
  • - Working knowledge of MS Office
  • - Excellent communication skills as well as ability to manage conflicts.
  • - Leadership skills to direct the activities of security personnel.
  • - Experience in reporting and emergency response planning
  • - 8-10 years background in an airline/airport security, and operations, and at least 3 years professional supervisory level in civil aviation security.
  • - Passing the Appropriate/ Mandatory Government/IATA aviation security courses as required for Security Manager.
  • - Sound knowledge of National and International aviation security legislation.
  • - Obtain the required Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities Security approval.
  • - Ability to apply aviation guidelines to operations.
  • - Committed and reliable
  • - Possess extensive knowledge of providing public safety security within an airport.
  • - remains updated with new or updated laws regarding airport security.
  • - Possess administrative analysis and financial planning skills.
  • - Possess the ability to face emergencies.
  • - be in good health (hearing - sight - freedom from diseases that affect the operational ability)
  • - Full dedication to perform civil aviation security duties without exercising any functions related to any activities other than security