SDU Security Coordinators

Job Description

- the holder of this position shall be responsible to maintain the efficiency and conformity with Security policy.

- Manage the daily operation Security Function ensuring Safety, Security, and smooth workflow in line with ASE policy Regulatory requirements.

- Ensure security of held baggage throughout the entire process till loading

- Escort cargo, and catering to ensure its security.

- Aircraft holds Search and Secure during and after loading.

- Apply Access Control procedures ( Check Staff Id, Airport Permits ) and register the data on access control log during the turnaround activities.

- Carries out necessary physical search for Equipment and personnel entitle to access the Aircraft ( Cabin/ Hold).

Job Requirements

- Bachelor Degree from an accredited institution/Faculty

- Age : up to 28th  

- Have no previous criminal conviction

- Acceptable level of English language skills (written, and Verbal communication)

- Physical fit (hearing - sight - freedom from diseases that affect the operational ability)

- Possess an aptitude for security operation (capable of handling people, good investigation skills, and attention to details )

- Good Microsoft Office  skills

- Willingness to work in shifts